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Q-Master & Corus

End of Life Announcement


Zeacom released version 4.0 of Zeacom Contact Center and Zeacom Corus (now Zeacom Communications Center) in 2005.

Since that time Zeacom has released many iterations and new versions of our product suite.  Zeacom released ZCC version 6.0 in October 2011.

In line with our published support commitment, Zeacom wishes to announce the upcoming End of Life for version 4, following the planned version 6.0 release in 2011.

We wish to advise our reseller partners and customers that Zeacom will cease supporting all version 4 (4.0 and 4.1) customers of Q-Master/Corus or Zeacom Contact Center as of 31 October 2011.

We will however continue to support resellers and customers who commit to future upgrades and upgrade programs, prior to 31 October 2011. This support will be available until 30 April 2012.

Please note that upgrades may be brought forward if there is a support issue that can be resolved with an early upgrade.

Q-Master and Corus

In June 2007, Zeacom rebranded its Unified Communications products as Zeacom Communications Center (ZCC). The older brands, Q-Master & Q-MasterEX (contact center UC) and Corus (enterprise UC), are no longer in use.

ZCC delivers more functionality than the combined offering of Q-Master and Corus. While they are still supported, the Q-Master and Corus products do not provide the depth and richness of functionality that is available in latest version of ZCC.

ZCC continues to operate across NEC, Cisco and Avaya legacy platforms and integrates with a wide range of third party software applications and databases.

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