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Zeacom provides maintenance and ongoing support services to ensure you can make the most of your ZCC solution. You can access our Support Team either directly or through our Resellers, depending on the relationship you have with us.

Our 24/7 support and technical assistance through offices in the US, Australia and New Zealand will ensure that your ZCC solution will run as efficiently as possible.


supportZeacom's support services will optimize the performance of your contact center and unified communications applications. After some 15 years of first-hand  experience, working in a wide range of customer environments around the world, our support methodologies can handle all your requirements.

Whether you require a standard service package or prefer a customized service level agreement, Zeacom and its reseller partners will provide a fast response and resolution to all reported issues.

Zeacom includes free software upgrades during service agreement times, as part of all its maintenance programs. Your organization can always benefit from Zeacom's latest software developments, whether you purchased your solution last week or last year.


Zeacom Training Centers

Optimize the way your staff use ZCC. Provide them with administrator and user training, so that your organization can get top performance out of the system.

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