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Improve the performance of your business communications

You can achieve a higher return on your UC investments, simply by optimizing the performance of your business communications. Engage with our Zeacom experts, to see if you can improve employee productivity, enhance customer service, drive down costs or increase your revenues.

It's easy to give your communications capability a boost. You can introduce more advanced ZCC functionality, upskill your users, or get us to help you resolve specific issues.

You can also take things one step further. Let Zeacom design a business process automation solution that will help your organization resolve problems like human latency, delayed interactions, communication bottlenecks and process breakdowns.

Use Communications to Automate Your Processes

Tom FarquarIn the North American market, Tom Farquhar can help you implement UC solutions that will automate your business processes. He can enable your organization to reduce errors within its operations, streamline business processes and improve decision making. Automation will make your staff more efficient and productive.

In close collaboration with Tim Seabrook, the Manager of our Process Automation Group, Tom will design a solution for you that delivers a quick, high ROI.

Tom has many years of consultancy experience with contact centers around the world, and has held senior leadership roles in utilities, financial institutions, venture funded start-ups, consulting firms and manufacturing companies.

Book a Communications Audit

Belinda-TuckerIn New Zealand, Belinda Tucker acts as our Client Relations Manager. ZCC customers can book Belinda for a 2-hour consultation – at no cost – to see if you can enhance the performance of your business communications. Offered to New Zealand customers only.

Belinda has more than 10 years experience in implementing Zeacom technology into NZ companies.

Together, you can decide if an in-depth audit of your ZCC implementation could help identify areas where you can easily improve communications and your business processes. The audit will give you valuable insights into how you could achieve more benefits from your ZCC implementation.

  • Reduce your peak calling levels through smart technology. Your Contact Center can either employ less agents or they can shift their focus to revenue generating activities.
  • Improve first call resolution and reduce abandonment rates. Happy customers do more business.
  • Make the most of Operator Console. Your receptionist will speed up call handling. In-house backup staff can reduce call overloads. You’ll minimize the cost of hiring temps.
  • Enable Knowledge Workers to communicate and collaborate more easily
  • Give your Executives mobility. Even when they're on the road, they can deliver customer service as if they’re still at their desk.

Another way to power up your system performance is to join one of our local User Groups, like User Connect in New Zealand. You can learn from each other how to resolve issues and finetune your solution.




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