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Lift performance by improving communication

More will get done in less time if you can bring all communication channels into one place. Productivity gets a further boost if you can give everyone a single view of what’s going on. The good news is that you can, with Unified Communications.

Our solutions help your people to collaborate more efficiently, work remotely and make every minute count. To ensure you get functionality that’s a perfect match for your organization, we look at your whole business and design a solution that meets your specific needs. Our modular approach lets you expand your solution as your organization grows.


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A single view shows the availability of everyone in your organization. Presence reduces phone tag, dialing errors and botched call transfers. If you need to refer a customer to another colleague, you can immediately see who’s ready to help. Read more >>



It’s like you’ve never left your desk. Communicate with customers and colleagues from anywhere on your Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry, smart phone or web browser. Reduce costs of mobile roaming and long-distance calls. Read more >>




Access your voice messages with any online device and receive faxes in digital format. Use the right voicemail greeting for every situation, then give callers choice about what to do next. Messaging has come a long way. Read more >>



What are your people doing with their day? Look at voicemail usage, track sick days, monitor daily start and finish times, see how much time people spend at their desks, in meetings and on the phone. Read more >>


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