Bring Customers Closer

Query/Enhanced Routing

Send calls straight to the best-possible person

At a glance:

  • Increase your 'first call resolution' rate
  • Save time identifying each customer
  • Improve customer satisfaction by sending calls directly to the right person
  • Give VIP and high-value customers special attention
  • Send slow payers straight to your accounts department



The different types of Enhanced Routing

  • Skills-based routing makes specific requests go straight to the right expert or the correct queue in the contact center
  • Query-based routing is different from standard routing solutions, as it is not based on a caller's phone number but includes a security check. Customers need to verify who they are with a unique identifier, like a PIN number or order number. Our system then pulls data from the CRM and presents their information to specific agents
  • Performance-based routing delivers most incoming calls to those agents with the highest sales closing rates. Agents who are having a good day get the calls first, and get the chance to do even better. Those agents who are not performing well receive fewer calls
  • Other routing solutions are based either on Caller History, which checks the kinds of transactions a customer usually makes, or the Last Called Agent principle, so that calls are routed to the last agent the customer talked to

Improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction will improve, because callers will waste less time explaining themselves to the wrong person. No longer will the caller be passed around like a 'hot potato'.

Make your call center more productive

Call routing can enable your contact center to handle higher levels of call loads, because agents will waste less time identifying the caller and the caller's needs before transferring them to a colleague who can help.

When a call is delivered to an agent, useful information can be displayed for easy upselling, improvement service levels and to strengthen the personal relationship with the customer. If you use performance-based routing for sales calls, you'll find that sales conversion rates will improve.

Take better care of your high-value customers

Generally, 20% of your customer base brings in 80% of the revenue. By linking your call center to your database or CRM system, you can ensure that high-value customers get priority treatment. Once they're identified by CLID or account number, they can be routed directly to your top sales people or to a specific account manager.

Chase-up slow payers

You can also make sure that customers who are in arrears with their payments have to talk to the accounts team first, before they get to contact customer service or the help desk. You can also make customers pay overdue fees while they are on the call.

Encourage self-service

If you combine enhanced routing with an IVR system, you can automate a substantial percentage of your incoming calls by giving your customers self-service options for repetitive, standard calls like account balance requests.

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