Bring Customers Closer

Post Call Survey

Measure customer satisfaction and motivate agents to improve performance

At a glance:

  • Get an accurate picture of customer satisfaction
  • Find out about problems before they get big
  • Motivate agents to deliver top service with every call



How it works

Our Post Call Survey solution uses announce ports to automatically start up an IVR survey to measure first call resolution and other elements of customer satisfaction.

The solution is fully integrated with the enhanced routing functionality we make available to the contact center. The survey is offered seamlessly to specific customers. If selected, the call is automatically transferred to the survey.

A better way to measure customer satisfaction

Not all quality assurance surveys are set up to measure customer satisfaction correctly, because only good calls are surveyed. Our Post Call Survey solution automates the monitoring process, eliminating the potential for agents to 'accidentally' not transfer a bad call to the survey system.

Find out what's going wrong

For those customers whose contact was not resolved satisfactorily, the survey asks an open ended question to capture the customer's description of the problem. That way, contact center management can get an insight into current issues and can take measures to correct them. Post Call Survey also includes a smart reporting section that enables management to quickly identify trouble spots.

Monitoring is the key to motivation

Just imagine how agent performance would improve if they knew that every single call can potentially be scored by the customer. When agent performance improves, so does customer satisfaction.

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