Bring Customers Closer

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Offer your customers automated self-service options for repetitive, routine tasks

At a glance:

  • Lift customer service levels and reduce operating costs
  • Offer your callers self-service choices, so they don't have to wait in a queue
  • Give your agents more time for customers who want personal assistance



Five reasons to use our IVR…

  1. Improve customer satisfaction: A well-designed IVR makes it quick and easy for your callers to do business with you, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Reduce labor costs: IVR allows customers to access information without having to interact with an agent. Fewer agents means lower staff costs
  3. Increase agent productivity: IVR takes repetitive, routine inquiries off your agents' hands. Valuable agent time can be spent on more complex customer calls and opportunities that will generate revenue for the business
  4. Extend hours of operation: IVR can be used to offer account information on a 24 hour basis, improving customer service without increasing staff numbers, work hours or recurring monthly operating costs
  5. Better information: Integrated web-based IVR reporting makes it easy for management to monitor system usage and further improve efficiency

A win-win situation

Give your customers the ability to self-service over the phone and you'll win in two ways: you'll reduce the workload on your contact center, plus fewer calls means you'll also reduce wait times and abandonment rates. Callers who really need personalized attention will get it faster.

Tailored to fit your organization

We link your phone system, databases, applications and business processes together to deliver an IVR solution that is tailored to your organization. Years of experience in delivering process automation solutions have taught us that a 'one size fits all' approach does not meet our customers' needs.

A better IVR experience

Some IVR systems have complicated menus and a multitude of options that confuse callers. Frustrations are compounded when callers opt out of the IVR to speak with an agent, only to be sent to the back of the queue or to be asked by the agent to repeat the same information they entered while in the IVR. Our IVR solution offers a better customer experience through best practice design principles and the smart use of technology.

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