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Make customer emails as important as phone calls

At a glance:

  • As more customers choose to communicate by email, it's important to give them the attention they deserve
  • Emails are displayed in exactly the same format as queued phone calls and other channels in Agent Desktop
  • Predefined reply templates simplify email response
  • If emails aren't attended to quickly enough, they're re-allocated to another agent




How it works

Email works in combination with CT Control and Agent Desktop to provide a tightly integrated email management tool.

  • Calls are held by the email queue on the server and are delivered to agents only as they are ready to deal with them
  • Agents who are logged out, on a break or already dealing with calls are not delivered emails until they become available
  • All contact center channels are displayed in Agent Desktop as ‘calls’ in a queue. Email ‘calls’ are displayed in exactly the same format as queued phone calls and other channels
  • Once the email is delivered, if the agent takes too long to open the email, it is retracted and put back into the queue mailbox ready to be delivered to the next available agent. This ensures mails are never allowed to disappear in agents’ overfull inboxes
  • Once an agent answers the email, the email will not be pulled back from them. Agent Desktop displays the agent as having answered the email. Agent Desktop continues to display the agent as being on the email ‘call’ until the email is deleted or the ‘call’ is terminated. This provides further insurance against calls being lost and never dealt with
  • Your agents can be configured to handle as many concurrent queue emails as suits your situation
  • You can require Wrapup information to be entered (via Agent Desktop) on closure of the email request; this information can be reported on.
  • All replies to your customer will appear to come from the same queue mailbox that your customer originally sent their email to. Your agents’ personal email address is never sent out to your customers, unless you choose to include it in the body of the reply email


We are able to offer Microsoft and non-Microsoft customers (e.g. Lotus) an easy to install and use email queuing solution for call centers.

Our Email solution interoperates with:

  • Microsoft® Exchange
  • Lotus Domino Server
  • GroupWise

Benefit summary

  • Agents can handle email queue calls using only Agent Desktop rather than having to switch between applications
  • Call delivery screen pops are standardized, i.e. an email call will pop Agent Desktop just as a phone call does
  • Agents are provided with consistency of operation, regardless of the call’s media type
  • Agents don’t require a personal email account to handle email queue calls, because all functionality is handled within Agent Desktop. This will offer a significant benefit to customers who don’t want to allocate personal email addresses to agents
  • Skills-based routing ensures that emails are directed to the agent best able to handle them, in the same way that calls are. This improves customer service and reduces handling time
  • If they wish to, agents can choose their personal email account as the ‘from’ address, enabling them to direct the customer reply back to their personal email address rather than to a queue
  • The use of standard templates guides agents in their replies, ensuring targeted responses that comply with the contact center’s communications standards
  • Administrators can archive to any email system that their server can send an email to, enabling them to keep additional copies of queue emails. They can choose to archive emails in the following states: when it arrives in the queue, when it is forwarded or when it is replied to. In addition to archiving options, all conversations can be accessed by the Reports Media Viewer (included)
  • Mode announcements offer the option to send an automatic message back to a caller as soon as their email arrives in a queue. This feature helps preserve customer satisfaction, particularly if there is likely to be a delay in the caller receiving a reply, i.e. outside business hours
  • Email traffic can be reported on for contact center performance analysis. This allows supervisors and managers to apply standard contact center analysis to this media type
  • Delivery and blending options allow managers to customize how emails are delivered to best meet their particular environment
  • Customized security per agent allows an administrator to manage the many different functions an agent can access. For example, the ability to send a new email, create personalized templates or pick up email calls from other agents

Feature summary

  • All our contact center functionality - such as skills-based routing, reports, operating modes, etc. - is available inside our Email solution
  • Agents can manage all emails from email queues using Agent Desktop
  • Agents can compose new emails and choose whether to send the email from a queue or selected personal email account
  • Our Email solution offers a single administration interface for setting up agents for dedicated or blended delivery
  • Automatic archiving of queue emails
  • Agents’ replies to queue emails are included in the contact center analogy, and are tracked and reported in the same way as inbound emails
  • Automated text announcements are set by a queue‘s mode
  • Detailed reporting of all aspects of the email ‘call
  • View emails currently awaiting delivery, including sender information, how many emails are waiting, the longest wait time and more
  • Blending with all media types: Agents can be configured as dedicated email-only agents, or handle a wide variety of blended media types
  • Like all of our core modules, the Email solution is controlled by a full set of security permissions and restrictions set by the central administrator
  • A central repository of custom templates can be created by a system administrator. In addition, agents can also create their own templates within Agent Desktop
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