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Business Intelligence

Understand and optimize contact center performance


At a glance:

  • Know what’s going on in your call center for resource planning and effective management of peak-time overloads
  • Manage unexpected events in real-time with Snapshot
  • Get a clear picture of historical performance and trends with out-of-the-box reports
  • Create fully-automated custom reports that save time and effort
  • Make better decisions and create accurate forecasts, based on accurate data and analysis
  • Identify top performers, as well as those who might need more training, by tracking the performance of individual agents

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Map trends, understand problems, create accurate forecasts and much more. Over 200 out-of-the-box reports give you a clear picture of your contact center’s performance. Read more about Reports.


Having an unexpected calling peak? Use Snapshot to get a real-time view of what’s happening, so that you can make good decisions about how to manage a call center crisis. Read more about Snapshot.

Record and Evaluate

Judge the quality of your call center's service by recording agent interactions. What you learn will help with targeted coaching and best-practice call management. Read more about Record and Evaluate.

Custom Reporting

See what you want to see with custom reporting. Custom templates let you mine your data for specific information. High level, multiple sources consolidated or exquisite detail – anything's possible. Read more about custom reporting.

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