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Increase customer satisfaction and control costs, automatically

Solve problems, prevent bottlenecks and streamline workflow. Zeacom’s off-the-shelf and customized business process automation solutions lift productivity to deliver a fast return on investment.

Business Process Automation (BPA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) don’t just reduce costs. They have the potential to transform your business, lift customer satisfaction and make your employees’ work life more interesting.

We’ve successfully implemented hundreds of business process automation projects around the world. Whether you want to automate a single task or an entire process, we use industry-accepted best practices to make it happen.

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Customer Interaction Automation

For routine inquiries, customers don’t need to talk to call center agent. They can get what they need quickly and easily with effective automation. You’ll improve customer service standards while you free-up resources – a double dose of optimization for your organization. Read more >>

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Workflow Management        

Routine tasks – such as data transfer - can be automated, giving your people more time to handle the high value transactions that will make a real difference to your bottom line. Call recording resolves disputes quickly and gives you the information you need to improve customer call handling. Plus you can queue workflow items, to make sure they’re dealt with efficiently. Read more >>

Agent Transaction Optimisation-01

Agent Transaction Optimization

Screenpops of vital information save time and give your agents the ability to personalize the customer experience. And every screenpop provides the opportunity to update customer information, so your database stays fresh and clean. Click-to-dial saves time and ensures dialing accuracy for outbound calls. Read more >>


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Software Development Kits

If your IT team includes people with basic development skills, our Software Development Kits can enable them to build business process automation solutions. These kits integrate with most database contact management, help desk and Microsoft Windows-based applications. Read more >>


Enhanced Business Intelligence

Find out how to make the most of IVR - it can be faster, more efficient and more customer-friendly. Use Customized Snapshot to get a real-time picture of contact center performance, so that you can cope with unexpected demand before it becomes a big problem. Get insightful reports that combine contact center data with business intelligence from other sources. Read more >>


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