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Industry sectors we work with



Our solutions are employed by more than 40 gas, electric and water companies in Asia Pacific and North American regions. From mission-critical operational messaging and grid monitoring desks through to daily management of customer calls, Zeacom software ensures time-efficient communication that looks after customer needs.

A regional US electric utility uses a business process automation solution from Zeacom to efficiently manage sudden surges in call volumes created by power outages. The system frees dispatchers from time-consuming manual tasks, such as handling customer calls and providing status updates, allowing them to focus on liaising with field staff and resolving power outages.


Schools and tertiary institutions are a real torture test for communication software. Even at the busiest times, such as enrolment and course planning, our solutions help to ensure the smooth running of educational institutions.
College of the Canyons is one of the fastest growing community colleges in California - going from 735 to more than 34,000 students over a 10 year period. Record enrolments were taxing the organization’s system and staff, resulting in high levels of frustration for the staff and students. A Multi-Channel Contact Center solution dramatically improved the caller experience by streamlining the process around call handling and providing in-depth reporting for better staff scheduling.



Financial Services

Our success in the financial services sector can be described through the experience of the banks and credit unions using our solutions. Republic Bank has more than 40 offices in three states and uses speech recognition and IVR to handle more than 138,000 calls every day. Our solutions are also used by credit unions, such as DuPont, IBM and NASA.

The new system provides self-monitoring and helps staff track high call volume. Agents can take calls on-demand and members have a call-back option without losing their place in line. I love these great features!

Paula Miller, Supervisor, Gesa Credit Union


Kelley Blue Book, a major US car dealer with thousands of branches, uses Zeacom software to support crucial customer service activities. In the UK, Zeacom software is installed at BMW, Jaguar and VW, prestige marques that recognize the value of excellent customer relationship management.



Airlines and travel companies are a magnet for calls and emails, as customers make travel plans, change travel plans and grab hot deals. We work with JAL, Orient Express and IGLU Holidays, just to mention a few major players in the travel sector. Internally, Zeacom unified communications solutions help administrative and management teams to function at a higher level; externally, our call center products make it easier for agents to keep customers happy.




Our solutions offer flexibility and reliability for companies in the highly competitive retail environment. A well-known Christmas club with a 250-seat contact center uses our software to handle as many as 15,000 calls a day during the busy holiday season. A top performing retailer of DISH Network services in the US uses business process automation solutions from Zeacom to provide superior customer service by remotely integrating with DISH Network’s host applications.

Once you get involved with a company like Zeacom, there’s always ways that you can improve upon what you’re doing, and that’s one of the things that drew us to them in the first place.

Dale Stoyer, CTO Intertech Digital, Independent retailer of DISH Network

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