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News from the 2014 Lync Conference

Fresh from Lync Vegas, Video killed the radio star...

Make no mistake, my opinion is that Lync is imminent. Of course, I'll need to reach some of the world with a fax blast on that topic. Microsoft spent years trying to "punch the board" proving that Lync is a proper PBX before they realized they should "punch through the board" by evangelizing what connected communication escalation, starting at presence and ending with, I don't know, mind melding, does for the speed of business.

Erin Romeo
Business Development Director
North America 

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Lync Conference 2014

Zeacom and Enghouse Interactive are excited to be attending Microsoft Lync Conference 2014! We are looking forward to exhibiting as a silver sponsor. The Lync Conference is the premier worldwide gathering of the entire Lync community, coming together to learn, share and connect. 


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TechEd NZ: Technology gets easier for techies, too

TechEd NZ: Technology gets easier for techies , too

New developments shown at TechEd New Zealand bode well for the growing popularity of Microsoft Lync. That's because the solution is not only made easy to use, but also easier for technologists to work with - a common theme with many of Microsoft's flagship products.


Jamie Smith3

Jamie Smith
Senior Implementation Consultant

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Say Hello to TouchPoint

Stepping up the Zeacom Interface: Say hello to TouchPoint

There are exciting moves afoot at Zeacom as we prepare to take the wraps off a new user interface for our voice solutions. Dubbed TouchPoint, the interface is designed to deliver context-aware information for contact centre agents, while taking up a minimum of screen real estate and delivering the sort of experience associated with modern applications like Microsoft’s Lync.


John Cray new

John Cray
VP of Marketing, Channels 

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Lync Steals (much of) the show at Gold Coast TechEd

Lync steals (much of) the show at Gold Coast TechEd

Encouraging stuff out of Microsoft's TechEd conference held at the Gold Coast last week: Lync is a platform that is growing in popularity, and perhaps even better, it's a platform that a great many businesses are very interested in leveraging for their contact centres.


John Regos

John Regos
Solutions Engineer 

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Service Level Made Simple

Simplify the Message

Many metrics are used in managing contact centers – service level, abandon percentage, occupancy, after call work, adherence…the list goes on and on.   You can’t expect most executives to take the time to understand the minutia of such metrics. Often it’s difficult for contact center managers to explain how new contact center software for multimedia queuing, screen pops, data routing and such is going to reduce costs without

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How Poor Business Process Automation Can Decrease Satisfaction

A Disconnect Between the IVR and the Agent

Recently while driving to the airport I realized I had forgotten to make a rental car reservation at my destination.  My call to a certain car rental company was greeted by a cheery “Welcome back Tom, we’ve recognized you by your phone number”.  Their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) then asked if I was calling about my recent rental

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Acronym Mania v Cool Features Sydnrome

Our industry is awash with jargon that we learn at university, at home or on the job and it seemed for a long time that our mission was to throw as many acronyms at customers so that we sounded like the next guy trying to sell a similar product. It seemed that the guy who could dish out the most acronyms got the sale.

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