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Smart Advice for Utility Companies: Better Meters Require Better Communication Channels

by John Cray, Vice President of Product Management at Enghouse Interactive

As utility companies adopt new technologies to run their businesses more efficiently, they'd be wise to make sure their communication channels keep up.

Although the delivery of natural gas and electricity hasn't changed much over the years, the way utility companies are metering and billing for their services is currently undergoing a major change. By replacing traditional meters with smart meters, utility companies will eliminate the need to manually read meters each month. Read more »

Smart Business Blog: Airlines service rankings validate multichannel communication benefits

by John Cray, Enghouse Interactive Vice President of Product Management

As a frequent traveler, I was struck by USA Today's recent article, America's Best and Worst Airlines. The premise was that when it comes to customer service, the airline industry as a whole is a notorious underperformer, ranking even lower than wireless carriers and car dealers. The article is based on a 2014 ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index) survey that captures complaints ranging from checked baggage fees to uncomfortable seating. Read More >>

Four Practical Steps to Delivering a Better Customer Experience

By John Cray, Vice President of Channels Marketing for Enghouse Interactive

Companies that make popular products — whether it's Starbuck's coffee or Apple's iPod — recognize the valuable role customer experience plays in their bottom lines. What's ironic is that many service-based businesses, which should be even more focused on delivering a great customer experience, miss this concept. Read Full Article >>

Listen: Enghouse Interactive at IAUG 2014

Doug Green, Publisher of Telecom Reseller, speaks with Ernie Wallerstein, President of Channels, while at IAUG 2014 about the company and the integration of contact center solutions within their umbrella. Listen to full interview >>

Enghouse Interactive Melds Portfolio with Zeacom in Latest Release

By Larry Hettick

Unify Broadens Go-to-Market Strategy with Focus on a Channel-Centric Model

Enghouse Interactive has introduced enhancements to its portfolio of contact center and unified communications solutions with version 8.0 of Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC): EICC was previously known as Zeacom Communications Center. EICC 8.0 capitalizes on the Zeacom's agent interface, TouchPoint, which is now integral to the Enghouse Interactive portfolio. Read Full Article >>

Zeacom Plans to Double Microsoft Lync Customers in the Next Quarter

by Tracey E. Schelmetic

Zeacom is a name that is well known in the contact center arena, but as of late the company has been broadening its reach. Back in June of 2012, the company was acquired by Enghouse Interactive (EI) and has since become one of the leading Microsoft Lync-based contact center providers. Read Full Article >>

Enghouse Interactive: Turning Acquisitions into a Suite

By Sheila McGee-Smith

Enghouse Interactive has been working to turn its many acquisitions into a fully integrated--and promising--contact center portfolio.

Across the enterprise communications space, there has been a fair amount of consolidation over the past few years. Some combinations were large (e.g., Avaya and Nortel or Mitel and Aastra) and others were smaller. In the contact center market, one company has made a series of these smaller acquisitions in the past ten years: Enghouse Interactive of Toronto, Canada. Read Full Article >>

Zeacom's Metamorphosis

by Blair Pleasant

As the overall UC and business communications industries continue to evolve, the players evolve as well. One company that’s gone through significant transition recently is Zeacom. Zeacom was acquired and became part of Enghouse Interactive (EI) in June 2012, and is quickly becoming one of the leading Microsoft Lync-based contact center providers. Read Full Article >>

LISTEN: VP of Marketing, John Cray, Featured on Price of Business with Host Daven Michaels

John Cray, Vice President of Channels Marketing for Enghouse Interactive/Zeacom, sits down with Daven Michaels to discuss how Enghouse Interactive truly brings customers closer through our diverse product portfolio. As a leader in communications solutions, John explains how our multi-channel contact center, business process automation and unified communications functionality continues to help customers around the world both increase productivy and customer service while ultimately driving down costs.



Don't Stunt Your Contact Center Agents' Ability To Deliver Superior Customer Service

There was a time when call center agents’ primary value was being able to share their personal knowledge about a product or service with a customer on the other end of a landline. As technology has expanded and new forms of communication such as email, web chat, and screen sharing have emerged, and real-time access to knowledge bases has become commonplace, multi-channel contact center agents have the ability to serve customers on a whole new level. Read More >>>

Holiday Rush Best Practices for Contact Centers

By Tom Farquhar

Prepare your customer service agents with these best practices that will keep your credit union's contact center running smoothly to deliver excellent member service during the holidays. Read Full Article >>

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