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Key Facts

A history of innovation

Established in 1994, we employ more than 170 people dedicated to developing and supporting our products. They are based in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Award winning solutions

We've won numerous awards over the years for innovative contact center solutions and for our smart approach to unified communications.

Global reach

Our solutions are used by more than 300,000 people in more than 30 countries.

World-class partners

Our solutions are sold through a network of reseller partners. Our vendor partners include Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya and NEC.

Community activity

Each Zeacom office supports a local cause. These range from city missions and sporting academies to health organizations and children’s charities.


We build communications software for – multimedia contact center, business process automation as well as a range of unified communications plugins. As well as offering a range of professional services to help you get the most from this technology.


Multimedia Call Center facts

  • More than 77,000 contact center agents use our software daily.
  • Industry sectors using our Multimedia Contact Center (MCC) solutions include IT&T, financial services, government, healthcare, retail, education, travel, automotive and many more.
  • Our contact center solutions work on Avaya, Cisco, NEC and Microsoft Lync.
  • Faxes, emails, SMS messages, chats, social media and requests generated from the web are treated with the same care as phone calls, allowing contact centers to deliver a consistently high level of service.
  • Whether you have a simple helpdesk or a sophisticated multi-channel contact center, customers will experience less waiting, less frustration and less dissatisfaction.
  • Not only are agents able to answer more calls in less time, they have the information and functionality to help retain existing customers, source new customers and increase sales revenues. 
  • Full visibility of contact center performance encourages self-monitoring and healthy competitiveness between agents.

What we hear from our customers...

  • Users tell us that their favorite feature is Zeacom’s Agent Desktop, because it makes their job so much easier.
  • Call Center agents find it easier achieve their targets with Zeacom MCC, so they suffer less work stress. This helps to reduce attrition and absenteeism. 
  • Comprehensive reporting makes it easier to predict when a center will need more agents or if overflow can be sent to staff in other departments during peak times. 
  • Calls can be automatically routed to the last called agent, to the most skilled agent or to another department for handling.
  • During peak times, customers can be given the option of a callback or they can be entertained with recorded music, news or messages. 

Unified Communications Plugins facts

  • Zeacom’s Unified Communications (UC) plugin solutions are used at more than 4,000 sites around the globe. 
  • All communication channels are funneled into Microsoft Outlook, so that you have a single view of what’s going on.
  • Colleagues and customers dial just one number to reach you – whether you’re at your desk or on mobile.
  • Voice messages from customers, colleagues and your operator are saved as audio files and sent to your Microsoft Outlook inbox, making them available from any communication device you’re using. 
  • Operators have the information they need to connect customers to the best person to handle their call, and VIPs can receive priority routing.

What we hear from our customers...

  • If Microsoft Outlook is the first application you open each day, you’ll love Executive Insight, because it lets you access all your other communications while you’re there.
  • Operators rave about our attendant console because it gives them so much information, yet it’s simple to use.
  • Everyone’s favorite UC feature is Presence because it allows you to immediately see if a colleague is away, in a meeting or busy on the phone. 
  • Messages left in your inbox can be ‘dragged and dropped’ into another person’s inbox for follow-up. 
  • Executive Conference takes the confusion out of conference calls. Creating or joining a conference is simple and intuitive. You can see who’s on the call, who’s talking and mute the person with all the background noise. 

Business Process Automation facts

  • Business Process Automation (BPA) is the automation of an activity to save time, reduce errors and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Some of Zeacom’s BPA solutions are off-the-shelf, others are built from scratch.
  • Every day Zeacom BPA solutions are used in credit unions, banks, utilities, healthcare, insurance, government, distribution, transportation and travel.
  • Applications that span industries include IVR, automated outbound calling, workflow automation, screenpops, and integration with workforce management and call recording systems.
  • Zeacom’s discovery process highlights opportunities for automation in your organization, and quantifies the return on your investment. You’ll know exactly how much you can save and you won’t have to compromise on customer service.
  • Through its vendor partners, Zeacom has been designing and implementing BPA solutions in North America, Asia Pacific and Northern Europe for more than 17 years.

What we hear from our customers...

  • Routine tasks, such as customer authentication and transaction processing, can be automated. 
  • Virtual Assistant allows callers to ask for people by name.
  • BPA solutions can use information in your company database or CRM system to direct customers to the information or services they need – without any human interaction. 
  • When combined with speech recognition, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can handle up to 30% of routine incoming calls.
  • Call recording makes it easy to verify verbal transactions, resolve disputes and improve the customer experience.
  • Companies can personalize the service they offer customers by using screenpops to display essential customer information to call center agents. 



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