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Call Center Phone Systems

Enhance customer service levels and reduce costs

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At a glance:

  • Automate routine, repetitive queries, such as ‘what’s my account balance?’
  • Capture customer information up front, so that agents can direct calls to the best person or give high-value customers special treatment
  • Flatten peaks in call volume and increase agent productivity during less-busy times by offering customers a callback option
  • Measure customer happiness with post-call surveys


Prevent queuing frustration by giving customers the choice of a callback. You’ll also spread the day’s load more evenly, because agents can handle the callbacks at less busy times. Read More>>

Query/Enhanced Routing

Connect customers to the best person first time. Evidence shows that enhanced routing can increase customer satisfaction by 30%, with a corresponding 30% increase in revenue. Read More>>

Post Call Survey

Callers have something interesting to do while they're in queue. Customer surveys can improve agent behavior and feed valuable information back to management. Read More>>

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Lift customer service levels and reduce operating costs – IVR can do both. Your callers get more choices and agents have more time for customers who want personal assistance. Read More>>

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