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Custom Reporting

Capture and evaluate calls to manage service quality

At a glance:

  • Get a snapshot of key performance indicators on an hourly or even half-hourly interval, to expose problems that might otherwise go unnoticed
  • See the big picture with a consolidated view of key metrics drawn from multiple reports.
  • Regularly assess your contact center's historical performance, so that you can spot variances that require deeper investigation.

BI Reporting



In your quest to monitor and measure the true performance of your contact center, do you frequently get lost in a jungle of metrics?

The averages and long reporting periods (daily, weekly, monthly) used in standard reports can mask poor performance. However, looking at a snapshot of key performance indicators on an hourly or even half-hourly interval exposes problems that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Our Custom Report provides a consolidated view of key metrics drawn from multiple reports. You can have it delivered as often as necessary throughout the day, so you'll always know how things are going. Custom Report also gives your management team a picture of the contact center's historical performance, making it easier to spot variances that require deeper investigation.

How does Custom Reporting Work?

Our Custom Reporting module writes contact center data to a Microsoft SQL Server database. The SQL Server database server also runs the Internet Information Services (IIS) and the Microsoft Reporting service. Reports are accessed through a local website and you can choose which report you want to run by selecting from a list. You will then be prompted to enter parameters for your chosen report, which includes the start date, end date, start hour, end hour, interval length (60, 30 or 15 minutes) and queue number for the queues to be reported on. All of these parameters will be specified using common Microsoft Reporting Services interface controls. Clicking on the 'View Report' button will start the execution of the report.

You can browse through the report by using the Microsoft Reporting Services Viewer embedded into the website. There are also exporting, printing, refreshing, scaling, and searching functions in the Report Viewer.

The Microsoft Reporting Services framework provides a web-based administration interface to allow your system administrator to schedule reports and the format that they will be output in (.csv, .xls or .pdf) to user-defined directories accessible from the Zeacom server. Your administrator can select one of the available reports and specify the day and time that the report will be automatically generated and stored in the specified location.

Operations Summary Report add on

The Operations Summary Report is as an add-on to our Custom Reports module. It provides a launch pad for tailoring reports to meet your specific needs. It can include:

  • Common metrics such as Service Level, Average Handle Time and Abandoned Percentage
  • Uncommon metrics, such as Transferred Calls To/From Queues, which identify double handling of calls
  • Factors that contributed to the change in a specific performance metric (i.e. Service Level)



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